Who is troy garity dating

On this wet, overcast day in Los Angeles, Garity is having a James Dean afternoon.

Unshaven and sleepy-eyed, and clad in scruffy, designer denim and oversized boots, he takes a long drag from his cigarette and leans back in his chair on a terrace overlooking Sunset Boulevard, mumbling words of discontent in the manner of a contemporary rebel without a cause. As a teenager, he was a loner at Santa Monica High School and once skipped 75 days of class to follow a circus troupe around California.

The Barbershop star, Garity who tied the knot with Bent in August 2007 is still very much satisfied with his wife’s company. The son of the political activists and Academy award winner Jane Fonda may not be as popular and successful as his mother but he sure has the most successful married life."Film is the least useful art form," Troy Garity says, glumly, as he slumps in a chair with his hands buried deep in his pockets."I beat myself up over every movie I make, thinking I should be doing something else." Such as?What’s the reason behind this awesome and successful marriage? Tony Garity got engaged to Simone Bent in 2006 and a year later, the couple got married on August 27, 2007.They are married since a long time, and still, they are very happy together. The couple has great understanding and faith among each other. Actor Garity, who is also actress Jane Fonda’s son, might have had an on-screen romance with the “Greek God” Lee Pace in the Golden Globe winning Miniseries “Soldier’s Girl” but off-screen, his heart beats for somebody else.

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