Who is rossif sutherland dating

stars Adelaide Kane as a teenage Mary Queen of Scots.

The show begins as she has just left the convent where she's been hiding to return to the French court where she'll prepare to marry Prince Francis of France (Toby Regbo).

His father is Donald Sutherland — whose five-decade career includes the 1980 best picture Oscar winner “Ordinary People” — and his older half-brother is Kiefer Sutherland of the 2001-10 Fox spy series “24.” “I never really had an interest in being an actor, but I was always in awe of what my father did,” Sutherland said recently by phone from his home in Toronto, where the Thursday night show is filmed.

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The film follows him on the lam, as he seeks help from the U. embassy — which offers only assistance with legal counsel — and colleagues, finally trying to cross into Thailand.

I didn’t want to be other people — that’s the extent of what I thought acting was.” On “Reign” — a scandalous retelling of the rise and fall of Mary, Queen of Scots — the 35-year-old actor plays a young, brooding Nostradamus who is a big departure from the AARP-eligible version you’ll find on Wikipedia.

Sutherland gives him a come-hither look that can convey either “I want you, desperately” or “Watch your back.” Sutherland also brings familiar physical traits to the role.

Actor, film director, film producer, singer His shoe size is speculated to be 11 (US).

He has been seen in print ads for The GAP (2002), Baume & Mercier watches (2006), etc.

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