Rss feed not validating

Chrome 26 does display the pages with errors present in the rendering.

Specific URLs: https:// errors found by the validator can be found at the following locations: url= - Windows7 64bit Software - RSSOwl 2.2.0 and Internet Explorer 9 Both feeds are failing to validate/display again today (at least from 8am-am EDT - 6/18).

XML is so strict that it doesn’t accept any space, tabs or blank lines in it’s first line.

In this post i will show you how to easily fix common RSS Problems with wordpress.

I've looked for answers in the oficial Views RSS module issue track but unsuccessfully.

I've also created many feed views using Views RSS module, but all of them provide the same error at

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Also unable to display the feed in Internet Explorer 9 due to invalid character errors in Titles.The fix can be bound at his Koken Support, where I linked in my previous post. Hi, I've created an RSS feed which has been validated through but is not validating in Hootsuite when I try to add it.When you try to validate your feed you will see an error like this: XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity.You can download it’s fixed version here: [download id=20] Rename this file to (If you can’t rename it open with notepad and save as template-loader.php) and then upload this file to Common problems are caused by plugins & themes that output spaces or text when loaded. Just download this plugin, install and run it on your wordpress site to fix those type of errors.

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