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In the late 1960s and on through the 1985 production, the year when the company went out of business, the name plate including the model and serial number innformation along with the Hammond Organ Company name and 4200 Diversey Avenue address in Chicago was located under the lower keyboard assembly, acccessible and viewable from the lower front of the instrument.The only exceptions would have been for the E-series, the H-series, X-66 and the X-77 series. We would be thankful and honored to include in our identification section a picture from you of any of the models that are missing. As this section expands there will probably be some more instruments that we will not be able to come up with a suitable photograph for.Two 44 note keyboards and 12 short pedals (found on very early models) Two 44 note keyboards and 13 short pedals Two 37 note keyboards and 13 short pedals Two 49 note keyboards and 13 short pedals Two 61 note keyboards and 13 short pedals On the newer organs, starting in the 70's Hammond got smart and made it easier than pulling the organ away from the wall.If you look under the left or right side of the keyboard you will find the model and serial number information.As the magnetism varies, that induces an alternating current (AC) in the coil, which becomes one of the frequencies used in harmonic synthesis. Vacuum tube musical instruments mean electronic musical instruments generating sound with vacuum tube-based electronic oscillators.

It is important to preserve these magnificient instruments and keep them in tip-top working order. There are digital immitations, but the real thing is still the best!

This page provides links to sites on the web that have helpful information or hard to find parts for classic tonewheel Hammond organs and Leslie speaker cabinets.

These wonderful instruments that are so important to our mode of worship are no longer being made.

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