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Alla base della Community virtuale vi è il proposito di assicurare a quarantenni e cinquantenni d'Italia un luogo di dialogo aperto e costruttivo ma allo stesso tempo rilassante, piacevole e divertente.

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Disclaimer Please seek advice from your medical practitioner or health professional about treatments for hearing loss.

Simpatie ed antipatie vengono determinate da ciò che si scrive e da come i pensieri si traducono in parole.

In Chit Chat City, players shares a common neighbourhood, so you will actually get to meet your neighbours. Buy different flooring from thousands of player stores or better yet, draw it yourself!

If her children have been running riot with mine that's ok but once they're gone mine have to instantly not make a sound.

Also there's lots of "love you" / "darling" etc towards this sister and she can do no wrong in my mother's eyes. I sat with my ds(28)last week and sobbed cause I felt so emotional, it's a lot of little things that just chip away at your confidence, I am great with my kids always encouraging them to reach for the stars,have a big plaque on kitchen way that says,'you don't have to believe in miracles,just believe in yourself' ds took it off the wall handed to me and said 'mam' that's all he said ,and its true .

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