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A few months later, in January 2007, Peck showed up in Oakdale as Jack's now-younger scoundrel of a brother, Brad, a role that had last been played by three different actors from 1998-99. TAINTED DREAMS, the Emmy-nominated digital drama series created by Sonia Blangiardo, will begin streaming on Amazon Prime on December 26.

The actor joined the cast of OLTL as Rick, a porn producer, in January 2011. The soap within a show, which boasts an all-star cast that includes Alicia Minshew (ex-Kendall, ALL MY CHILDREN), Walt Willey (ex-Jackson, AMC), Austin Peck (Austin, DAYS et al), Terri Conn (ex-Katie, AS THE WORLD TURNS) Read More Austin Peck and Christie Clark (Austin and Carrie, DAYS) recently filmed a return stint at DAYS and Peck tweeted a series of photos from their first day back on set. Mark your calendars: Christie Clark (Carrie) and Austin Peck (Austin) are returning to Salem in shows that will air in early 2017.

No matter what, I am going to do my best to bring it alive and have fun.” This also will reunite, in the work place, Austin with his lady love, Terri Conn who now plays Aubrey in Llanview!

On the possibility of working with Terri again on-screen, Peck responded by saying, ”We’ve both lamented over the past year how much we miss working with each other.

BIRTHDATE: April 9, 1971 BIRTHPLACE: Honolulu, HI STAR SIGN: Aries MARITAL STATUS: dating Terri Conn (Aubrey, OLTL) CHILDREN: Aidan (b. 2/05) Austin Peck was born Jeffrey Austin Peck in Hawaii, where his naval officer father was stationed. I need to get a copy of the current cast list of women that are on ATWT and see who is married. Oh, and why is this stuff is far more interesting than what's on screen?These days, he's known to wander the hallways looking for stimulating conversation; back then, he sometimes got so freaked out in social situations that he would just take out a sketchbook and start drawing. In 1995, he landed the recast part of DAYS OF OUR LIVES's Austin, replacing the popular original portrayer, Patrick Muldoon, and moved to L. He continued to play that quintessential, often-bland hero — despite occasional outbursts of frustration over the preposterousness of late-'90s DAYS storylines — until 2002, when the show decided not to renew his contract.He briefly reprised the role from 2005 until 2006, when he was let go again.

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