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"Silicon Valley" is great for making a mockery for the best and worst of tech. Crew: I think before the show I had no perception of the industry. I wish I was more industrious but I don’t necessarily have that drive. And obviously on the show, that’s perceived to be really silly.But for the show's writers, it can actually be hard to keep ahead of what could be considered ridiculous in Silicon Valley versus what's just the reality. I didn’t know much about it, I didn’t know that there was this whole kind of culture around it. Crew: If I were to get involved it would definitely be along the lines as my character does, as like, from the entrepreneurship side. But in the last three months, face swap is out and it’s like a massive hit. Middelditch: It’s like, OK, that’s not actually that silly.But in an interview published today in Glamour, actress Anna Kendrick reveals that she's glad to be in a relationship, which frees her from the trials and tribulations of using dating apps.In November Anna published a book of essays entitled Scrappy Little Nobody, in which she writes about everything from her middle-class upbringing to the various movies that have made her a household name.We spent so much time together before we started filming - we had rehearsals and sailing training. Both Zac and I had personal trainers because we wanted to look like we could actually sail those boats. It was always a challenge to figure out places to go because Zac can't just go anywhere. Any crazy fan encounters when you were spending all this time with Zac?

He did a good job of putting me at ease because that's kind of a stressful situation! There was a lot of falling over - my legs were covered in bruises! Carson: Is there anything that you’ve seen coming out of Silicon Valley that’s just ridiculous?It’s actually a hard balancing act to keep it realistic and it seems like we can never go far enough because there’s something that mirrors the show in real life that’s equally if not more ridiculous. Unfortunately, as Tess soon learns, life doesn't always deal you the cards that you had hoped for and she finds herself in a life-and-death situation with only one person who knows enough to save her.CG caught up with Amanda for some good old-fashioned girl talk where she told us all about her awkward moments on set, what the cast did together when the cameras weren't rolling and of course, what it was like to lock lips with Zac! Amanda Crew: Well, I think number one is Zac Efron. And there are so many different messages in the story about life and living in the moment. Tess is not just a pretty girl - she has morals, she's strong, and she knows what she wants in life.

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